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Foneill 2012 Girls Spring Collection Video

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Capturing the Best of Men’s Fashion

the garven fashion & StyleAs we approach the New Year that has already begun, it is undeniable that many fashion trends are going to be out from the bag soon. With this, fashion designers and experts, as well as those people that value fashion that much, will have their hands full. They will try to think which trends are good to blend with one another and there will also be those that will be happy just to see others enjoy the latest and the hottest fashion sense for 2014. While talking about this, fashion photography should be a very interesting field for those who would want to try something new this year.

One of the subjects for such field would be men’s fashion. This will be a very interesting topic or center of attention for the practitioners of such activity. Men will not lose out to fashion sense. They have the ability to compete even with women when it comes to fashion. In fact, there are lots of designers who are biologically males. This is where and when they go to work especially when they put their hearts in this. We’ll just have to look forward to seeing a lot of eye-catching poses and stunning clothing designs in this brand new year that we are yet to explore.


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Buying the Perfect Swimwear

Swimming is one activity that most of us want. What a better way to spend summer vacations than to go to beaches and resorts and have a swimming escapade. But this is more than just take-off-clothing-and-jump thing. Swimming, especially at swimming pools in public requires you to have proper dress code. This is for your safety of course. Now, the question that rises is what kind of clothing would you wear and where can you buy these. Well, swimwear are not that hard to find. You just have to make sure you get it from a trustworthy source so that you will get your money’s worth. Don’t just pick and buy, but make sure you pay attention to the quality of what you are buying.

At, there are lots of swim-wears to choose from. You can even visit the site for more swim dress styles that will definitely give you much of a choice in having your swimwear. You can also have women’s swimwear be bought from this website to ensure that its quality is not compromised. It is not everyday that we are given the chance to have a vacation and when that time comes, we must make sure that we make then most out of it.